Every job is completely unique and tailored to what the client is after. Here is how we approach our jobs from start to finish.

The Lightwave Approach

  • Initial site visit

    Once we are contacted by a client regarding a potential job we tend to arrange a meeting on site so that they can explain to us exactly what they are after.  This visit also allows us to discover if there are any limitations to the venue such as vehicle access and power limitations.  By discovering such limitations early we are able to factor them into all of our quotes and they do not come as a surprise extra later on in the process.

  • First quote

    After our initial meeting we will come up with a plan and some options for the client to choose between.  We will then present our ideas and concepts to the client with the associated costs.  For larger jobs we will make some rough mock ups on software so that we can illustrate our ideas.


  • Preproduction

    Once the client is happy with our proposal and we have finalised the quote we go into preproduction where we ensure that everything from crew to equipment is in place for the event.  For larger events which require detailed lighting with a short amount of time on site we will pre program a great deal of it.  This gives directors and the client’s creative team a chance to sit down with our team and get the structure and overall look of the show in place.


  • The event

    This is where all of the planning and preproduction comes to a head.  Our team will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as is possible and makes your event as enjoyable and stress free as possible.



  • The get out

    Our team will take everything down and leave the venue as we found it.