Robe Spiider

Hire Price: £180/week, £90/day

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Spiider, a superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaries, using 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12,5:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° Wash, makes the product the most powerful LED fixture on the market!


    • Light Source Type: 1x 60W RGBW and 18 x 30W RGBW LED multichips
    • LED Life Expectancy: min. 20 000 hours
    • Typical Lumen Maintenance: 70% @ 20 000 hours

    • Robe’s proprietary optical design
    • very efficient 12,5:1 zoom optical system
    • Zoom range: 4° – 50°
    • High efficient component optics
    • Fixture total lumen output: 11.000 lm
    • Light output: 50.100 lx @ 5m

    • Colour mixing mode: RGBW/CMY
    • Individual control of each RGBW pixel
    • Variable CTO 2.700K – 8.000K
    • Virtual Colour Wheel with 66 preset LEE swatches
    • Tungsten lamp emulation at whites 2.700 K and 3.200 K (red shift and thermal delay)
    • Colour rainbow effect with variable speed
    • Pre-programmed pixel effects and patterns with colour, dimming and strobe chases, waves and pulses at variable speed and directions
    • Innovative Flower Effect rotating in both directions at variable speed (patent pending)
    • High Resolution Dimmer: 0 – 100%
    • Strobe effect: variable speed (max.20 flashes per second)
    • Pre-programed random strobe & pulse effects

    • Setting & Addressing: Robe Navigation System 2 (RNS2)
    • Display: QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, operation memory service log with RTC, stand-alone operation, 3 editable programs – each up to 100 steps
    • Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, Art-Net, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN, Kling-Net
    • Wireless CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio (on request)
    • Protocol Modes: 4
    • Control Channels: 49, 27, 33, 90
    • Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
    • R,G,B,W colour mixing (internal 18 bit): 8 or 16 bit
    • 19x R,G,B pixel control: 8 bit
    • Zoom: 8 bit
    • Dimmer (internal 18 bit): 8 or 16 bit
    • Built-in analyser for easy fault finding

    • Pan movement: 540°
    • Tilt movement: 230°
    • 16 bit movement resolution
    • Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction

    • Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C (113 °F)
    • Maximum surface temperature: 75 °C (167 °F)
    • Minimal operating temperature: – 5°C (23 °F)

    • Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
    • Input Voltage range: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: max. 600W
    • Power in Connector: Neutric powerCON TRUE 1
    • DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 3-pin & 5-pin XLR
    • Ethernet Port in/out: RJ45
    • Embeded Ethernet switch 10/100 Mbps: 1 x in/ 1x out

ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19

Hire Price: £100/week, £50/day

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  • 190W LED Moving Head Wash with motorized zoom
  • 19x 10W RGBW Quad Color (4-IN-1) Osram LEDs
  • Motorized Zoom: 10 ~ 60-degree beam angle
  • 14 DMX channels
  • 64 Built-In Color Macros
  • Electronic Dimming: 0% – 100%
  • Pan/Tilt Inverse Mode for contrasting movement when fixtures are linked together
  • Fast Pan Tilt Movement
  • Pan: 540-degree; Tilt: 200-degree
  • 16-Bit Fine Pan/Tilt control
  • 4-Button DMX LCD menu with 180° Inverse View mode
  • Stepper motors with micro stepping
  • Includes Omega bracket for truss mounting
  • 3-pin and 5-Pin XLR In/Out
  • Fan cooled
  • Electronic Strobe/Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast
  • PowerCON AC In/Out on rear to daisy chain power (up to 11 Inno Color Beam Z19’s @ 230V )
  • Long Life LED (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs)
  • Multi-voltage Operation: 100-230V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 245W
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 320x360x224mm
  • Weight:  9.2 kg.

Elation Colour 5 Profile

Hire Price: £80/week, £40/day

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The new COLOUR 5 Profile™ Ellipsoidal features a 180W RGBAM (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Mint) LED engine, >94CRI, 4,100 total lumens, with 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° interchangeable lens options (sold separately), (4) blade manual framing shutters, manual focus, supports B size metal HT transparency gobos, DMX controlled electronic strobe, dimming, and dimming curves, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, adjustable refresh frequency and gamma brightness, 5pin DMX and powerCON in/out connections, (4) button LCD control display panel, an integrated rigging yoke, quiet fan cooling, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

High CRI >94, 4,100 Total Lumens*
Interchangeable Lens Options** (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)
(4) Blade Manual Framing Shutters
Variable Dimming Curve Modes
Flicker Free Operation for TV and FILM
Adjustable Refresh Frequency and Gamma Brightness
Quiet Fan Cooling
(*with 26° lens) (**sold separately)

180W RGBAM (Red/Green/Blue/Amber/Mint) LED Engine
50,000 Hour Average LED Life*

*LED Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.
>94CRI 4,100 Total Lumens*
(*with 26° lens)

Electronic Strobe and Dimming
Variable Dimming Curve Modes

Supports “B” Size Metal, HT Transparency Gobos*
*Gobos and Holder not included.

(5) DMX Channel Modes (5 / 6 / 8 / 13 / 19)
Adjustable Refresh Rate (900-1500, 25,000 Hz)
Adjustable Gamma Brightness (2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.8)
4 Button Control Panel
LED Menu Display
5pin DMX In/Out
powerCON In/Out

Length: 24.3” (618mm) / 26.5” (674mm) Fully Extended
Width: 12.2” (310mm)
Vertical Height: 15.7” (398mm)
Weight: 21.0 lbs. (9.5 kg)

Quiet Fan Cooling
AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
225W Max Power Consumption
Power Linking: 4pcs Max @120V / 8pcs Max @240V
14° to 113°F (-10° to 45°C)

CE | cETLus | IP20


Hire Price: £130/week, £65/day

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  • The P-5 has taken the popular Palco 5 as its design base and transformed into an IP65 rated fixture – suitable for outdoor use.
  • The low-profile fixed, rectangular, full-color LED wash light incorporates 44 x RGBW 10W LEDs. Combined with a small footprint, the power consumption is reduced to just 420W while the LED source life expectancy is 50,000 hours.
  • Lenses are interchangeable via 15°, 21°and 43° lens kits and the fixture boasts 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 or 10 DMX channels. Set-up is via an OLED graphic 5-button display.
  • Other features include: a simple menu structure; upgradeable software (via uploader cable); IP65 rating (IP55 fan module); standard 5-pin XLR for DMX in/out; compact dimensions of (LxHxW) 497 x 268 x 122 mm.
  • As with all SGM’s new LED models, cooling methods have been improved via rectangular heat-sinks, set-up and address procedures improved with the aid of internal diagnostics, and control procedures implemented to ensure flicker-free fixtures.

Core Creative Colour Point 2

Hire Price: £50/week, £25/day

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Lightweight lithium battery powered LED uplight with wireless DMX Control, rated for outdoor use (IP65).

Very bright 2000 lumen output is ideal for architectural uplighting and powerful wall-washing in marquees & venues.

The units connect wirelessly with WirelessDMX to a CORE Point Mk2 Master uplighter to avoid the need for complex lighting desks on-site.

Alternatively, they can also be linked up to a lighting desk with a Wireless Solutions W-DMX transmitter unit for more complex schemes or simply run as stand-alone units with selectable built-in colours (Lee filter gel reference).


  • Lightweight, only 4kg each
  • Battery lasts up to 12+ hours
  • Wireless DMX control with master/slave
  • Cable DMX output (via jumper)
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Bright 2000 lumen output
  • Variable PWM frequency for TV work
  • Built-in colours (LEE filter reference)
  • Quad-chip RGBW LED technology for excellent colour-mixing

SmartBat Plus

Hire Price: £50/week, £25/day

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SMARTBAT is a portable battery-powered uplighter designed as accent luminaire for all kind of events. SMARTBAT is equipped with a lithium battery pack and a built-in WiFi module for cable- free operation. The ultra- compact and lightweight design makes this projector truly portable and rechargeable countless times without “memory effect “. The internal battery has an autonomy for 12 hours in colour change mode and up to 8 hours in full output, while the charging time is only 5 hours. The light source is composed of 4x8W high-power RGBW LEDs / fullcolor for a colour calibration in the full-spectrum and the extractable foot allows you to adjust the angle of the beam to assist tracking operations. The transmission of the DMX signal is via WiFi technology , the transmission unit WIFIBOX is compatible with any DMX controller or through the application SMARTCOLORS available for any Android smartphone.


Light source and optics

    • 4x8W RGBW/FC LED
    • Lux @ 3 m: 950
    • Energy-saving LEDs featuring more vivid colours and lower power consumption compared to traditional lamps
    • Colour synthesis: RGBW/FC color mixing (>16 million colours) for a limitless colour range
    • White temperature presets: 3200K~10000K
    • Beam angle: 15°
    • Field angle: 30°
    • LEDs average life span: >50’000 h

    Electronics and features

    • Several DMX selectable configurations (4, 6, 10 channels) for advanced or basic controlling
    • 4 channels: RGBW
    • 6 channels: dimmer, RGBW, strobe
    • 10 channels: dimmer, RGBW, macro, strobo, auto programs, programs speed, dimmer curve
    • WiFi-DMX: Built-in Wifi receiver
    • IR controller: infra-red sensor controlled by remote
    • 4 char LED display user interface for auto programs execution, static colour mode, creation of custom shows
    • 4 different dimming curves available
    • Master/Slave mode for stand-alone operations of more units
    • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
    • Flicker free operations (400Hz)
    • Convection cooled for silent operation

    Structure and Power supply

    • Protection: IP44
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
    • Tempered glass front panel
    • Battery: 24V, Lithium
    • Battery autonomy: 12 hours (color change mode), 8 hours (permanent white full-on)
    • Recharge time: 5 hours max
    • LED battery status indicator
    • Load/Storage battery switch
    • Dmx connections: XLR 3p Input/Output
    • Ergonomic carrying handle for transportation and positioning
    • Adjustable foot support for tilt regulation (up to 20°)
    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Working temperature: 0/+35°
    • Weight: 3,4 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 137x184x145 mm

Elation Protron 3k Color

Hire Price: £110/week, £55/day

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The Protron 3K Color™ is a new high powered LED strobe featuring (240) CREE™ XLamp™ 3W RGBW LEDs, 40,000 total peak lumens, 63° beam angle, (2) power modes (HIGH or LOW), strobe effect macros including burst, pulse, lightning, and full ON*, (2) silent cooling fans, electronic dimming, 3/5pin DMX and powerCON TRUE1 in/out connections, (4) button OLED control menu display, an integrated rigging yoke, 800W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).


    (240) CREE™ XLamp 3W LEDs (60 each color-RGBW)
    50,000 Hour Average LED Life**
    **LED Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.
    40,000 Total Lumens* (*Peak)
    12,210 LUX 1,134 FC @3.3’ (1m) (63° Full ON)


    Electronic Dimming
    Burst, Pulse, Lightning, Full ON*
    *Thermally regulated output at full max 10 seconds.
    (4) DMX Channel Modes (3 / 5 / 7 / 8)
    4 Button Control Panel
    OLED Menu Display
    3/5pin DMX In/Out
    powerCON TRUE 1 In/Out

    Length: 19.9” (506mm)
    Width: 5.9” (150mm)
    Vertical Height: 14.1” (357mm)
    Weight: 24.3 lbs. (11.0kg)

    AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
    800W Max Power Consumption
    Max Ambient Temperature 113°F (40°C)

    CE | IP20

ADJ MegaTri Bar

Hire Price: £20/week, £15/day

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  • 1-meter indoor LED Bar with durable aluminum casing
  • 18 x 3W Ultra bright 3-in-1, TRI Color RGB LEDs (60,000 hour rated)
  • 3-in-1 TRI Color RGB LED provides optimal color mixing with no RGB shadows (offers a seemingly unlimited color palette)
  • 4 operation modes (DMX-512, Master/Slave, Stand Alone and Sound Active)
  • 7 DMX work modes (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12 & 54 channel modes)
  • Strobe Function can be added to any color combination
  • Flicker-free operation for film and television
  • IR Wireless Remote capable(Remote WR Controller not included)
  • Built-in static color scenes and chase programs. Also accessible in some DMX modes
  • Electronic Dimming: 0 – 100%
  • Built-in color macros and programs
  • LEDs can manually be controlled via on-board menu/buttons. No external controller required
  • Linkable via 3-pin XLR input & output
  • On-board, 4-button LED DMX display/menu
  • IEC type, AC input and output for linking units
  • Includes mounting brackets that allow for truss and wall mount. Can also be set on the floor
  • Beam angle: 40 degrees
  • Power Draw: 102W
  • Multi-voltage Operation: 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz

ADJ Flat Par QWA 5X

Hire Price: £8/week, £5/day

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  • Ultra bright slim fixture with 5x 5-Watt QUAD LEDs (4-in-1 RGBW- Red, Green, Blue & White)
  • Unique “sit flat” design – Power & DMX Ins/Outs are intelligently designed so the unit can be set flat on the ground or set inside truss
  • Low profile case design
  • 8 DMX Channel modes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 channel modes
  • 6 Operational modes: Manual Color Mode; Color Change Mode; Color Fade Mode; Auto (Program Run) Mode; Sound Active Mode and DMX-512 Mode
  •  Smooth RGBW color mixing (fast or slow color change operation)
  • QUAD LED (4-in-1) projects no RGB shadows
  • 44 built-in Color Macros
  • Color strobe effect
  • Flicker Free
  • Electronic Dimming: 0 – 100%
  • Beam angle: 25-degree
  • Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable (In/Out)
  • 4-button LED DMX display on rear panel
  • Dual bracket yoke allows fixture to be hung or set on the ground
  • IEC AC IN/OUT outlets on rear to daisy chain power (up to 18 units)
  • Power Draw: 34W max
  • Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (IEC power In/Out)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.75”x9”x4.5” / 272x230x115mm
  • Weight: 6 lbs. / 2.5 kg.